Preshredder FRX-200/300 Destroyer

The all-rounder

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  • Powerful pre-shredding of different kinds of material
  • Innovative pusher technology: Avoids material extraction
  • Innovative cutting sytem: Continuous cutting performance for high throughput
  • Low dust and noise level.
  • Optimal knife geometry for various material with lower and higher knife holders
  • Hydraulic RejectHatch™ for emptying of machine in case of contaminants.
  • Maintenance-friendly
  • Easy integration of the shredder in an existing plant
  • Large inlet hopper
  • Automatic security locking
  • Heavy duty machine construction for maximum resistance
  • Optimized protection cluth
  • Reliable and highly economical shredding system

The true heavyweight Universal Shredder FRX processes large quantities of domestic, commercial, industrial and bulky waste into manageable sizes from 50 to 200 mm. The robust shredder is powerful, energy-efficient, reliable and maintenance-friendly.

FRX is a slow rotating pre-shredder with electric drive and hydraulic pendulum feeder, with low energy consumption. The pendulum feeds the material against the rotor, equipped with fixed teeth that cut the material fixed against anvil steels. The feeder is operated by a last generation hydraulic system with variable displacementpump.


shredder franssons
  • Recommended

    Put in whatever you want: The FRX Series is recommended for all kinds of bulky material.

  • Shreds

    The single-shaft shredder shreds the material without any compromises into manageable pieces and obtains a fraction size of 50-200 mm for further processing

Technical details

  • FRX-200

    Dimensions mm X Y Z 4.820 x 3.850 x 3.250
    Entry 1.980 x 2.430
    Volume inlet 8 m³
    Weight 26.500 kg
    Main engine 2x 110-160 kW
    Rotor length 1.986 mm
    Rotor diameter 800 mm
    Teeth 42/u (96mm)
    Screen 50 - 200 mm
    Rotor Euroshredder
    Pusher Cleanpusher

  • FRX-300

    Dimensions mm X Y Z 5.720 x 3.910 x 3.350
    Entry 2.980 x 2.490
    Volume inlet 11,5 m³
    Weight 35.000 kg
    Main engine 2x 160-200 kW
    Rotor length 3.000 mm
    Rotor diameter 800 mm
    Teeth 66/u (96mm)
    Screen 50 - 200 mm
    Rotor Euroshredder
    Pusher Cleanpusher


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